Anna Kéthly Society (1889-1976)

As a leading personality and emblematic figure of the former Social Democratic Party, Anna Kéthly represented her party in the Hungarian National Assembly from 1922 to 1948, After the elimination of her party in 1948, she has been persecuted and emprisoned by the Communsits during the Rákosi regime. As a protagonist and member of the Nagy Imre’s government in the1956’s Revolution, she was appointed a delegate of The Hungarian Government to the United Nations General Assembly. After the fall of the Hungarian Revolution, during the next twenty years, until her death in 1976, she has been following her fought against the Communists as leader of the Hungarian political forces in exil.
Our Society’s aim is, first af all, to remind people to the heroic life of Anna Kéthly as well as to that of other social democrats, victims of the communist’s brutality. But we are aiming, not only to recall, but also to renew and draw up in a modernized form their spiritual legacy.